Why Collaborate with us:

Navis Academic Charity Foundation believes that collaborations play a vital role in creating a sustainable change. Partnering with scholars and Institutions with a shared vision, helps to create greater value for the research community. These collaborations could be of flexible forms as per the requirements to satisfy the research intitatives.

Collaboration can happen anywhere and in any way. We recognize this, and hence we are always open to new ideas and initiatives. If you would like to partner with us, please reach out to us anytime on


We believe that collaboration is critical to the on-going success of any research or academic oriented activities. Collaboration helps us use our limited resources more effectively, and allows ideas and opportunities to evolve that we might not have generated ourselves.

Over the years we have formed relationships with the wider range of institutions, and with passionate individuals and organizations with national and international affiliation. We are open to work with you under a flexible term.  If you think our organizations can work together please mail us at