Conference Proceedings

NACF Proceedings service by NACF which assists universities/institutions and conference organizers with the publication of presented papers at their International Conferences, National Conference, and Scientific Events as well as submission to indexing services.

All of NACF Proceedings series are reviewed by the Editorial Board and the publishing procedure is based on reviewer feedback from the editorial team. The NACF Proceedings is publishing conference proceedings papers as open access format enabling e-journals publication. All of published NACF Proceedings series are submitted to major indexing services such as:
Thomson Reuters, SCOPUS for their approval.

Benefits of Proceedings:

  • Open Access
  • ISBN Proceeding
  • DOI assign each article

Indexing Opportunities:

  • Universities Digital Libraries
  • High-Quality publishing platform
  • Fast Publishing Services
  • Metadata harvesting

Note: we can provide PRINT proceedings through a separate agreement.

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Topics of Interest Include, but are not limited to:
Chemistry,Physics,Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics, Mechanical Engineering,Electronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering.