Document Editing

We bring you the perfect preparation, editing and proofreading services exclusively for your Master’s and Doctoral Dissertation. Conducting a research or writing a dissertation sounds easy for students who have been excellent in their studies and research activities. But in the case of candidates who could not get themselves dedicated entirely for preparation of their articles/ dissertations or get them understandable to the reviewers, it would be quite difficult to proceed on their works. NACF comes up with the best solution for candidates unable to get their research work prepared, edited or proofread as per their university guidelines.

We do generally prepare your research document/ dissertations/ journal articles as per the requirement of the university by maintaining the consistency throughout the document. It is also a common saying in the publishing industry that the one who develops the content could not find the errors in it, subject experts can. Our experienced academic editors who have been well-versed in editing academic research documents ensures that your document is error-free and suitable for submission which addresses all the instructions set by your university. Since quality is our first preference, we always wanted your dissertation to be of high standards.

We offer superior quality Document editing services which comes packed with a bundle of benefits for your research career.

Services include:

  • Experienced Domain Experts: Your document is not handled by a language editor, but a Domain Expert well known to the terminology related to technology can highlight the sections which need improvement and act as an external supervisor who critically analyze the document in addition to correcting them.
  • Technical Editing: For the first time in the document preparation industry, NACF provides Technical editing suggestions as supplementary to the editing services of your PhD thesis / Masters Dissertation. We provide constructive comments on your research, just as a peer- reviewed who critically examines the document. Sample work may be received from us on basis of request.
  • Domain experts who work with us completely understands that every researcher has their own thoughts of the outcome required or as desired by their supervisor, hence we respect the counter-comments if received from researcher.
  • We offer price quote on custom basis.


  • Globally accredited editing services at affordable rates.
  • Revisions completely free of cost without any hidden charges.
  • Clear communication from the beginning to end.
  • Immediate attention to emails all the time.
  • Cash back benefits on Referrals.

Our team of professional editors has edited Masters/Doctoral thesis of more than 50 Global. Please WRITE YOUR APPROACH, RIGHT TIME NOW at; which save hundreds of hours in editing your Articles or Documents.